Who we Are

The Argentine School of Micro-Nanoelectronics, Technology and Applications (EAMTA) and its associated Conference (CAMTA) is a high technical quality Argentine forum for researchers, technologists and companies in the fields of micro and nano electronic technologies.
The School is an initiative whose main objective is to promote the development of advanced technology in the country, through the design of integrated circuits and its support/associated technologies.

General Chair EAMTA 2017

Dr. Federico Golmar, UNSAM-INTI-CONICET

Technical Program Chairs

Dr. Pedro Julian, UNS
Dr. Andreas G. Andreou, JHU

Financial Chairs

Dr. José Lipovetzky, IB

Publicity Chairs

Dr. Benjamín Reyes, UNC

Local Organizing Committee EAMTA 2017

Dr. Francisco Parisi
Dr. Pablo Levy
Dr. Julio Lonac
Ing. Jorge Sinderman
Lic. Mariano Barella
Ing. Gabriel Sanca

Program Committee

Dr. Carlos Dualibe, UMons
Mg. Luis Toledo, UCC
Dr. Pedro Julián, UNS
Dr. Fernando Silveira, URU
Dr. Alfredo Arnaud, UCU
Dr. Adrián Faigón, FIUBA
Dr. Hernán Pastoriza, IB
Dr. Liliana Fraigi, INTI
Ing. Victor Grimblatt, UCh–UANDES, Synopsys
Dr. Carlos Galup Montoro, UFSC
Dr. Oscar Agazzi, ClariPhy
Mg. Guillermo Güichal, Georgia Tech

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