Partial travel and lodging grants will be given to selected student applicants. The number of grants is limited. The motivation submitted with the application together with the background knowledge of the students will be used to elaborate the selection ranking. We enocurage the students to write the motivation carefully.

Period of application for STUDENT grants: June 5 to June 21, 2015
Notification of grants: June 13, 2015 July 1, 2015

Please complete here: Registration + Grants Application

Please read the rules and considerations for grants:

- The partial travel and lodging grants are a very big effort for the organizers of EAMTA/CAMTA to promote the education in the field of micro-nanoelectronics.
- This year we have assigned more than the 85% of the required grants.
- The amount of each travel grant was assigned according to travel distance of each student, trying to cover the most of the cost of a typical bus trip.
- The lodging grants for men were assigned in a previous reserved hosting in “Sport Club“. The club lodging not include lunch/dinner.
- The lodging grants for women have been assigned AR $ 1000 and each student should book their accommodation.
- The grants not include lunch/dinner during school.
- The registration fee include coffe break during EAMTA/CAMTA.

Each student must pay the corresponding registration before July 12th to confirm the inscription of the course and its grant assigned.
After payment, please send the scanned copy of receipt by mail to

Movilidad desde el Sport Social Club a la Facultad
La Facultad Regional Villa María, dispondrá un colectivo de manera gratuita para el traslado de los estudiantes desde el alojamiento a la facultad por la mañana y desde la facultad al alojamiento por la tarde.
En caso de querer trasladarse por sus propios medios, se acompaña mapa del recorrido:

También pueden utilizarse las líneas 20 y 16 de TransBus.

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