Getting there

  • Important Notice!!
    Due to the oncoming Primary Elections to be held on Sunday August 11, Football has been cancelled. The traditional Welcome Asado will be at Puerto Madero’s Siga la Vaca, after the Plenary and EAMTA’s official opening.
    • EAMTA/CAMTA 2013 will take place at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Regional Buenos Aires. Check the map bellow:

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      Public Transport

    To use public transport (whether Buses or Underground) you need an electronic card called SUBE which can be purchased and recharged at these locations, or disposable tickets. You can either recharge SUBE or buy disposable tickets at any underground station. Also bus fares can be paid with currecy coins rangin from AR$0.10 coins to AR$2 coins, average fares range from $1.60 to $1.90.

    There are also several webapges to know which bus line you can use to transport from where you are to where you want to go:
    Como viajo

    Getting to UTN-FRBA

      Subte Linea B, estacion MEDRANO

    Get more information about specific routes of urban public transport in BUenos Aires here

      Travel Information
      By bus

    Get more information about bus tickets here

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