EAMTA 2013 Contest and Awards


Two grants will be given to the best two IC design proposal during EAMTA 2013, as part of the effort to promote IC design in Argentina.
Participants can team up to present a proposal that should be sent by email or in person before August 15th. The authors of the proposal must be EAMTA participants or have been participants of one of the past editions.
The award will consist of chip fabrication, 500USD for materials, development and packaging of the parts.
The proposal should describe the project, estimated size of the design and propose a schedule for the development
(the development must begin AFTER EAMTA). It is strongly recommended that the design has some commercial target, and the authors are encouraged to discuss with companies, professors, investors and engineers present during EAMTA. It is also recommended for the teams to get a company sponsor and a professional willing to serve as tutor of the project. These items will be considered when rating the projects.
There will be two awards:

The MOSIS Award

The MOSIS award will include fabrication in the ON Semi CMOS 0.5um technology.

Premio MOSIS:
El premio MOSIS incluirá la fabricación de un chip en
tecnología CMOS 0.5um.

The TowerJazz Award

TowerJazz will offer One free Shuttle run in TS18PM/TS35PM technology, with the following features:
a. Up to $5000 USD worth process (up to 30 process layers).
b. Maximum area is 8mm2
c. Deliverables are 20 die samples
d. High performance standard cell library available

Regarding Handling of IC packaging and shipping:
a) Shipping of dies is included but can be arranged and shipped to Argentina.
b) The cost of packaging is not included. This cost can be covered by theLMNE. Participants should justify solidly the choice of technology.

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