Distinguished Guests

As usual, the CAMTA 2013 has several distinguished Authorities, Researchers and Industry-representative figures. Also, these days poster sessions are held, showing the latest trends and state-of-the art results in several research fields. Below are the CAMTA Program and the CAMTA poster Session schedules, due in Thursday 15 and Friday 16.

  • CAMTA Program
  • CAMTA Poster and Papers Session

    Dintiguished Authorities At CAMTA 2013

  • Dr. Roberto Carlos Salvarezza
  • Fue técnico, becario, investigador y director. El nuevo presidente del Conicet, Roberto Salvarezza, es un bioquímico recibido en la UBA. Actualmente el es presidente del CONICET.

    Dintiguished Guests At CAMTA 2013

  • Allegro Microsystems
  • Unitec Blue
  • Synopsys
  • Clariphy
  • Cadieel
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